Texas lost and got destroyed. See the previous post about what I think about Mack Brown. Thank you for your service. Charlie Strong is the new coach now. See the article I posted about my wish list. He was not on the wish list. I read a lot about him after the hire. I was disappointed initially however after reviewing everything, I am currently happy with the hire and here is why:

University of Texas

  • He has a record for success. That is more than a lot of hires. A lot of coaches get hired despite a lack of success. I was worried that they were going to hire Franklin who has done nothing for Vanderbilt except that he is good in front of a microphone.
  • Mack Brown is staying on board as a consultant. His primary role can and should be public relations, working the boosters, and recruiting.
  • He is focused on defense. We need a strong defense to win. We need a team that stops that last drive of each half
  • He is not worried about the public relations. Texas fans will not care if he wins, that is all that matters. As I mentioned above, you can have Mack Brown do the public relations work
  • He is a strong recruiter. Recruit Texas and recruit Florida and you cannot lose. He has strong ties to Florida and recruits well there.
  • He did not respond after Red McCombs went on his tirade. I do not completely agree with some of the thoughts of Red McComb but he went too far to see he would only be a good position coach. I agree that they should have targeted higher. I also disagree that he went public with his comments. It was already a done deal so Red McComb should have kept his complaints behind closed doors. The good thing is that Charlie Strong did not respond.

Overall, I am now happy with the hire. Lets win and then we can all be happy. Good luck.