I now firmly believe the Georgia dome is cursed. Prior to the NCAA basketball championship game they showed all the close finishes at the Georgia dome in recent history.

  1.  The painful loss Georgia endured to Alabama in the SEC championship game in last 2012
  2.  The almost choke to the Seahawks by the Atlanta Falcons. They pulled it out but it was almost one of the biggest chokes in ATL history
  3.  The eventually choke to the SF 49ers in the NFC Championship game by the Falcons the week after playing the Seahawks

and then…

Michigan’s heartbreaking loss to Louisville with a controversial foul call on Trey Burke late in the game that was clearly a clean block that would have kept the lead at 4 points instead of going to 6 on free throws. You can see that Michigan got the rebound and would have come down the other way to hopefully cut the lead to 2 or 1 with a couple minutes left. 6 vs 2/1 is a big difference with a couple minutes.

Did Roddy White get held… Saban will always outcoach Richt.

I cannot wait until the Georgia Dome implodes. I hope the draft goes well.

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