What a great turn of events for the state of Georgia. First off, great to see Bobby Petrino get the head coaching job at Louisville (that is me being sarcastic). The actual good thing about that is that it did not give any opportunity for Strong to back out of the University of Texas position.
The more surprising thing is that Todd Grantham left for the same position as the defensive coordinator at Louisville. I am surprised someone would go from an SEC school to Louisville. Plus, the University of Georgia seems very slow to get rid of incompetent coaches i.e. Mark Richt, Mark Fox and so the only way they get rid of people is when the people voluntarily leave.

Grantham gone

Even more surprising, is they shortly thereafter get Pruitt, the defensive coordinator from the national championship Florida State Seminoles. A coup for sure. I am not sure how they did it. He is a guy who has been involved in 3 national championships with 2 at the University of Alabama and one at Florida State University. He is also known to be a great recruiter as well and even if he only recruits Florida recruits, that would be enough. I am expected a couple last week recruits to turn towards Georgia before the official signing day on February 5. With Strong at the University of Texas and Pruitt at the University of Georgia, they could both steal a lot of strong Florida recruits.
Now if Georgia would simply replaced Mike Bobo. I realize Bobo just won an award for best offensive coordinator but our offensive play calling is predictable and our offense always comes up just short. We need someone with creativity.
I am now excited about the University of Georgia football. I am excited about the National signing day. Way to go bulldogs

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