2016 nba finals prediction

The Hawks flamed out in hawk fashion with little fight throughout and minimal adjustment. I feel they were always a step behind all season and they lost to all good teams all season. The Spurs also crashed out after playing poorly along with some suspect late game...
2013 NBA Finals Update

2013 NBA Finals Update

2013 NBA Finals Update- The Spurs have fortunately already proved me wrong. I am elated to be wrong. I am paranoid. I was worried when they were up 20 in game 3. So now they can only at worst lose in 6. My prediction was 5. They already won one game on the road and I...
NBA Conference Final Predictions (Updated)

NBA Conference Final Predictions (Updated)

I just realized that I never posted my predictions for the NBA conference finals but Ill give you my update along with what I thought initially Western Conference Finals: Spurs vs Grizzles My original thoughts: The Grizzlies man handled the Spurs two years ago lead by...

The NBA Failure 2012

The nba finals was a complete failure. There is a strong bandwagon of LeBron fans who says he undeservedly gets blame for all his past missteps. Boo Hoo. The guy caused his own downfall. He boasts about himself. He loves taking to the press. He is the one who...

NBA finals 2012

Watching the Spurs lose to the Thunder was painful. You could see them get tired as the games went on and as predicted, the Spurs shooters all disappeared. You cannot rely on purely shooting 3 pointers but that the Spurs do. There is no way they would have been able...

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