The nba finals was a complete failure. There is a strong bandwagon of LeBron fans who says he undeservedly gets blame for all his past missteps. Boo Hoo. The guy caused his own downfall. He boasts about himself. He loves taking to the press. He is the one who voluntarily quit during key games. He is the one who made fun of Dirk for being sick during the NBA finals. He is the one who did not have the courtesy to tell the Cavs owner, Dan Gilbert, that he was going elsewhere and had a cheezy show to announce his decision. Ultimately though, he is the one who realized he needed someone better than himself to partner with to win a title. Not a leader, he is a Scotty Pippen.

What happened to the Thunder was what I feared might happen. One thing did not happen, they did not knock out Westbrook. The one thing I thought could not happen did, nobody could make their shot and Harden lost all confidence in his shot to the point where they did not cover him on the perimeter and he could not make layups.

What I did fear did come true. No calls. The touch fouls he got all throughout the playoffs were no longer called and were going the other way. Now the Thunder were getting calls against them even when there were no fouls. For some reason when Bosh threw his hips out, no moving screen was called. The heat like to block shots from behind and in doing so, most of the time they hit the person on the head. This is a blatant foul, but they rarely called it.

Do I think the fix is in? Yes, and I always have. The no foul call at the end of game 2. The hits on the head, bumping the dribbler on a fast break that is not called. I may sound bitter and I am but when I saw the flagrant foul call on Fisher when I thought there was a chance it was a charge, I felt like vomiting.

Ultimately, nobody stepping up and calls going against you spells doom, and it did. I know I sound bitter and I am. You only get so many chances to win the championship and this one was squandered away. Hopefully the Thunder can make it back.

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