Watching the Spurs lose to the Thunder was painful. You could see them get tired as the games went on and as predicted, the Spurs shooters all disappeared. You cannot rely on purely shooting 3 pointers but that the Spurs do. There is no way they would have been able to stop the Heat and considering I hate the Heat, this outcome is not so bad.

My prediction last round was the Heat vs the Thunder. I was off in terms of the number of games so consider me slightly human.

My prediction for the finals: Thunder in 6
Unless they have meltdown in the moment, I cannot see the Heat stopping the Thunder unless either of the following two things happen (both of which could easily happen):

  1.  The Thunder do not get any calls. Durant needs to get touch fouls. He has gotten them throughout the playoffs and if he does not continue to get them, he may get frustrated.
  2.  The Heat knock out Durant or Westbrook. Do not put it past them to lay out one of their stars. They have done it before and they will do it again. It will happen one of two ways:
  • a. They send in a scrub to do the dirty workup
  • b. Wade takes a swipe at a player that is in the middle of a play and plays it off like he was going for the ball or was off balance or somehow it was unintentional. I equate it to shooting a gun in a crowd and then being surprised when somebody gets hurt.

Good luck Thunder, may the Longhorn be with you.