I have been nauseous since Tuesday (4 days ago). Gut wrenching. I was so nauseous and distraught I could not watch game 7. I knew my pain would only intensify. I only found out the day after game 7 when a person I love to work with started rubbing it in (She is a Miami fan). I cannot focus on my work. 3 missed free throws near the end. Could not get that last rebound. Could not foul before Ray Allen got to the 3 point line. I have only slept about 2 hours per night and I wake up in sweats.

Painful 2013 NBA meltdown
I will be taking a break from watching sports. I need to spend more time with my kids and re gain my sanity. I cannot let this affect my work. It has been a painful 2012-2013: braves bogus infield fly rule, falcons not able to score inside the 10y line, U of Michigan basketball foul call on a clean block down 4 resulting in a failed comeback, the Spurs, Texas Rangers one strike away from a world series twice 2 years ago. I would put the Tigers in there but they simply got swept. When will this end.

I will not be writing for a couple months.