• National Championship Game: I found myself routing for Florida State as the game began. I am not a fan of either school but I get too jealous seeing an SEC school win the championship every year while the University of Georgia flounders. What a great ending to the game. I hope you watched it

NCAA Football 2013-2014 Bowl Game

  • Georgia: went out with a whimper just as expected. I assume we wont make any drastic changes to the coaching even though we should. We lose out on too many recruits especially in Georgia. Richt must go
  • Texas: Lost to Oregon as expected. I love Mack Brown but it was time for him to go. No big deal with the loss. It only confirmed that Mack Brown had to go. I am glad Mack Brown is staying on board in some capacity.
  • University of Michigan: It was great to see the new quarterback get a pseudo-pressure game under his belt. I am not happy with the coaching. Our defense is horrible and our offense lacks imagination. We are unable to make adjustments during the game. I expect more of the same next year.
  • Michigan State University: What a great game beating Harvard. We started off slow but came on strong at the end. A great defensive stand wins the game at the end. Great to see a defense that is emphasized and comes up strong. My problem is that after that win, I started to dwell on what could have been if they had only beaten Notre Dame earlier in the season. Or if Georgia would have beaten Auburn as they should have, would Michigan State have played for the title or would it have been Alabama? We will never know.

Next year, I think Michigan State and the University of Texas stay in the hunt for the title. The U of Michigan and Georgia will do nothing.