Listed as around #6 in Trip Advisor, this was the first thing that was not a pure monument.  The ratings review said it was more stationary and more of a museum vs a haunted house where things/people chase you. Yes its Count Orloks Nightmare in Salem MA. So on June 11, 2015, we made our way in after the zoo in Boston.

It was our first stop in Salem. I took my 10 year old daughter who braved the haunted house in Tennessee so I thought this would be a piece of cake. I tried my 7 year old son in the lobby but he was a mess so just me and my 10 year old went in.

Just as described, nothing came running after you. It had a lot of characters from movies I have seen in the past, none that my daughter has seen. To my pleasant surprise, she was terrified. Almost every figure you go up to does something when you get close so she did not want to continue walking. The silly sentences posted in front of each character were cheesy and funny.  Overall took about 15 minutes for us to walk through the 2 story place. There were a few places where you could exit early if you needed to but we braved our way through. For me, I got startled a couple times but never scared like I was in a haunted house.

Overall: must see for Salem MA. Cost for me and my 10y was $20 so it was good for the cost. The guy at the front was very friendly as well. If we were in town again, I would do it again.