When the Hawks are out, I look for the other sports to bail me out. Isner (UGA product): out, UGA baseball:out, UGA softball: out, UGA tennis (mens and womens): out

So I rally around what is left. I love the Spurs and I like the Celtics. I do not have the Thunder and am a Durant fan since he went to the University of Texas and I hate the heat.

My predictions: Spurs lose in 7. They cannot cover Durant and it reminds of one of the years when Nowitski was unstoppable against them. I will never argue with Popovich’s coaching since he has won 4 titles, however I do not understand why we do not trap Durant to get the ball out of his hands. Ibaka will never have another shooting night like that and in San Antonio, Perkins will get in foul trouble fast the way he is playing. I think home court holds until game 7.

Heat in 6. I think the Heat take the next 2. Even when they win, it seems like the Heat gave it away as opposed to the Celtics winning it. Pierce is making a lot of bone head fouls and thereby taking himself out of clutch situations. He keeps handchecking up high for some unknow reason. Garnett has always lacked court savy and so I cannot blame him. His blatant arm grab and takedown was silly. He will continue to hurt them in the clutch. It was nice however to see they finally decided to call LeBron James for a foul here and there. LeBron hand checks and body checks but never gets called and on offense, he often times puts his head down and barrels into the defender and usually gets the calls, until yesterday. For some reason, when he argues, he does not get a technical unlike when all of the Celtics got technicals for not smiling. With all that said, even if they continue to properly call fouls both ways, the Celtics just do not have the gas to overcome the Heat.

Ultimately, my prediction is the Thunder vs Heat. I am rooting for myself to be completely wrong.