The chips are slowing falling into place

1. Mike Bobo was hired as a head coach. Bobo was never going to be fired. I was worried he would succeed Richt as head coach continuing the same disappointing seasons. Bobo, for all the success he has had, always produces a dud in big games. His offenses are very predictable. Good defenses usually stop us. We lack creativity. We struggle on those 2 minute drives when top teams thrive. I am happy to see him leave.

NCAA Football

2. Is Hardbaugh coming to Michigan. I hope so. It sounds like it. I know the process is fickle and could break off at any moment. If he comes the program would rise to prominence almost immediately.

3. Bobo’s replacement. Our DC, Pruitt, is awesome and hope he stays forever. Could we get Mike Leach. We need a creative guy. We need somebody proven who will do what needs to get done and ignore Richt and render him useless.

4. So all rumors say Mike Smith is gone. I have not heard Saban get mentioned but lets hope it happens. As I mentioned before, it would be a boost for the falcons and a boost for the georgia bulldogs since Alabama would not be able to steal as many recruits from UGA. Saban must feel like Pete Caroll has one upped him since Carrol has both NCAA championships and an NFL championship. Could Saban have the NFL itch again plus a move to ATL would not be too far from Tuscaloosa.

5. Please get rid of Mark Fox already, does the University of Georgia not care about its basketball team?

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