I am a firm believer in the conspiracy theory. The conspiracy I believe in is that officiating drives towards the winner that they want.

1. Touch fouls on Durant last year vs the Spurs doomed the Spurs. The next round, Durant no longer got those fouls and they were rendered useless

2. LeBron fell down on the push by Nazr Mohammed like I have never seen him fall down. Result, an ejection. LeBron plows into a Bulls defender and gets a blocking call. LeBron can do no wrong. 3 point shot by the Bulls near the end of the game and Wade hits the shooter. Should have been a 4 point play to cut it to 3 however they do not call anything.

3. Taj Gibson will not get a call no matter what happens to him

4. Spurs game today: Bogut is standing out of bounds with about 16 seconds left and the ball touches him. A review is warranted but the refs decide not to even review the call. Why? Nobody knows.

My predictions the rest of the way.

1. I think the Spurs woke up today. They realize they now cannot sleep walk through this series. I think the Spurs win the next one in San Antonio and then take game 6 at Golden State

2. Memphis simply looks to determined and too tough. I think Memphis wins at home in 6

3. The Heat will win the rest of the games and finish 4 to 1 vs the Bulls who just do not have enough manpower and do not have the refs on their side

4. The Pacers are getting under the skin of the Knicks and you know my feelings on Woodson. Woodson does not know how to make in game adjusts and is surprised when the other team does. Pacers in 6.

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