The Spurs have essentially locked up the 2nd seed in the West in the NBA playoffs. The had the best record in the NBA for a good part of the season until the Heat decided they did not want to lose anymore. But the Spurs look really old. Parker is banged up. It is unclear if Ginobili will be back in time. And Duncan, although he looks good, cannot be counted on for lengthy minutes.
The Spurs have developed some great role players but they remain role players. Nobody seems to be taking control of the team as the old guys get old. I wish they would cut Bonner. He cannot play defense and he can only make his 3 point shot if extremely wide open. Kawahi Leanord appears to be the closet thing we have to a guy that looks like he wants to take control.

Unfortunately, I see the Spurs losing early. If they had played the Lakers in the 1st round I would have had them losing to the Lakers but now they they will most likely play Golden State, I have them winning the first round and losing to the fast paced Nuggets in the 2nd round.

Out East, the Hawks have not done themselves any favors by moving into the 5 spot. Now they would meet the Heat in the 2nd round if they make it that far. The Knicks and Pacers are vulnerable and so a 6 seed is more desirable. The big if for the Atlanta Hawks is that there is a good chance they do not even make it out of the 1st round. I think people underestimate the value of Zaza. With him out for the season, we lose our emotional banger down low since Horford is a soft 5.

All in all I see quick exits for my favorite two teams. Hopefully one of them can get Dwight Howard this offseason.

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