Jamal Fatteh was born today. This article was written well after this day for a good reason. I’ll tell the story of his birth and you’ll see why.

Jamal was born with another name and other parents, probably somewhere in Multan, Pakistan. He was probably well fed and loved. For an unknown reason, he was abandoned in a hospital after when only a couple months old. His birth parents never came for him even after we published an article in the paper. Another couple had the opportunity to bring Jamal to their house but they decided on another child, so we were lucky enough to have him paired up with us and so we continued the paperwork portion of the adoption process.

     No pictures in this entry since we obviously do not have any pictures from his birth. How do we know he was born on June 13, 2007? The doctors measured his bone length and spaces between the bones and made an educated guess.

Some famous people born on the same day:

* Steve-O from Ja#$ As* born on June 13, 1974
* Ashley Olsen born on June 13, 1986
* Mary-Kate Olsen born on June 13, 1986
* Tim Allen: actor born June 13, 1953

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