Day 1: Friday 4th of July 2008.
Bonaire and Michigan

The journey begins. I had a nice dinner Thursday night with a friend after playing basketball for a few hours before that, where I won the only game of 21 after choking a free throw on 20 but coming back to sink on 20 the second time around. After that we played 2 on 3 and, everyone won in the threesome. I figured I would stay up all night since I was leaving for the airport at 4:15am. I fell asleep on my bed and woke up around 2:30am in a panic. I couldn’t remember why I was dressed and my lights were on but after a couple minutes I figured it out. I set my alarm and went to sleep.

I was way too early for the flight but that was ok. Connections in Puerto Rico and Miami for a couple hours each. Eventually, I got to Detroit on time at 6:30pm. Hibah and Tannu were waiting so I was happy. Hibah was so cute and is always a sight for sore eyes. I drove the 1.5 hours home where we ate and played for an hour and then put Hibah to sleep. Unfortunately, I fell asleep with her.

     Where am I going: Pakistan. Why? To pick up Jamal. We finally got approval from the Central Immigration Office in New Delhi and so they said we can come to the US Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan and get the Visa for Jamal. They have said this before, though, so we are excited but cautious. Tannu has been there twice already thinking it was the final time and now it is my turn.

us to pakistan

Travel to Pakistan from US

The people who are taking care of Jamal work with my father. They are not related. Bhutta Uncle is a pathologist and somehow has a relationship with my father’s lab.

     I am in the middle of the semester but fortunately we just took our second exams and I did well on them so I have time to play with provided I study while I travel. Hopefully, Jamal will be coming home with me.