Jamal’s 2nd birthday finally arrived. We were hoping he would be with us when his first birthday arrived but we were not so lucky. So this was his first birthday with us.

We had a small party and just invited folks with kids around the same age. All in all, there were about 30 people and we rented the pavilion at Wonch park in Okemos which had a playground. The kids had fun, although, I do not think Jamal understood what was going on. The first 2 birthdays for any kids are mainly for the parents. He got some nice gifts and Tanya slept through most of it. It rained in the morning but by the time of the party, it was sunny and dry. A perfect day.

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Jamal b'day birthday jamal swinging guests b'day cake cake cutting cake cutie pie cutting cake baloons in b'day closer look Happy Birthday