Hibah with trophy     The only useful quality I can give a girl is big eyes with long eyelashes.  Hibah was fortunate enough to get that quality from me and now we have proof.  On a whim, we entered Hibah in an under 1 girls beauty pageant at the local mall in Austin. She won prettiest eyes and therefore qualified for the state competition.

     That night, Tannu woke me saying somebody was in the house. I told her to back to sleep but then a second later I too heard some noises.  We slowly walked towards the kitchen and there were lights brightly shining into our house. Then we realize there was a car up against the side of our house and it was stuck. We called the police and I hid upstairs so I could see everything from up above.  Turns out, the driver was drunk, ran off the road, went between the stop sign and fire hydrant and ramped up into our hedges. He was trying to get away but was stuck. Fortunately, there was no damage to the structure of our house, just the lawn and our hedges. Their insurance paid for all the damages and nobody was hurt, so it turned out okay.

We went to the state competition in Houston where she was the runner up in the most photogenic competition therefore qualifying her for the International Beauty Pageant in Atlanta next month.