It was a hectic last couple of weeks. I got the flu last week. From Monday to Sunday I averaged about 20 hours of sleep a day. I wanted but when my roommate went to the pharmacy, it turns out NyQuil is not a registered drug so they don’t sell it. I don’t...

Final Days

The last night on the island was a complete panic. I took a series of 1-hour naps since I was pressed for time. Learning all of the head and neck and reviewing a whole semesters worth of Anatomy, Histology, and Embryology is a daunting task. Fortunately, by my...

Mid Semester MD 1

School is good, overwhelming for sure; lots to learn. I feel dumber and smarter. The island is peaceful. I snorkeled to school today. Normally, I ride my bike. It took about an hour to get to school. My roommate decided to skip class in the morning and forgot I...

The Devil Went Down to Georgia

     We finally sold our house in Austin and finalized the move to Michigan. The move was uneventful. We had a deal for our house that fell through that was with the nephew of Too Short. I’m sure a couple of you know who this is. We flew to Augusta for a few...

Most Beautiful Eyes in Austin

     The only useful quality I can give a girl is big eyes with long eyelashes.  Hibah was fortunate enough to get that quality from me and now we have proof.  On a whim, we entered Hibah in an under 1 girls beauty pageant at the local mall in Austin. She won...

Christmas with Hibah

     Christmas day was the day Hibah went on her first flight. She enjoyed the flight and did not cry at all. We flew from Austin to Detroit, Michigan. In Michigan, there was a party for Hibah and she met lots of her relatives. Before we left, she had her ears...

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