Feb 24, 2009
Bonaire, Netherlands

By Unknown Reporter

Michael Vick Falcons 3

Atlanta Falcons’ Michael Vick

     Tourists on a small Caribbean island close to Aruba and even closer to Curacao, named Bonaire have reported that they may have come across Michael Vick of the Atlanta Falcons. Approached by the tourists, he was hesitant to pose for pictures but he eventually reluctantly not only agreed to pictures but also to lunch. It was unclear what he was doing on the island especially considering he is still supposed to be in jail. These pictures are supposedly from possibly as early as May of 2008.


     Speculation is that since Michael Vick is imprisoned for a non violent (at least not violent to humans) crime, he was secretly released as a part of a work release program to a smaller offshore destination where he would not be as recognizable.

     It remains unclear as to what work Vick would be/is doing considering Bonaire is only known for being a premiere world class diving destination with little mainland industry. The island is part of the Netherland Antilles and neighbors Curacao which boasts the infamous minor league player Andruw Jones and major league pitcher Jair Jurrjens. It is a mere 15 minute flight from Bonaire to Curacao.

     It is completely unknown as to whether this is actually Michael Vick or not. The tourists who met him were not sports fans and only know of Vick through the court case he was involved with so were not able to authenticate whether it was truly him or not so you have to decide for yourself based off the pictures.