Hawks playoffThe Atlanta Hawks will be one and done again. This time it is different. That is what they will say. We’ll win round one and we’ll have a hard fought 2nd round. We’ll blame the close 2nd round loss on injuries and say that it would have been different if were at full strength and so therefore we do not need to make any changes to the team. We just need the injuries to heal and then we’ll be better.


Let’s examine the truth:

1. Why do our players always get hurt. Simply because we overplay our starters. Our starters never rest and so they get hurt. We overuse our starters and do not allow our young players to grow. So even if our veterans are not hurt, they will get tired and our young players will not have any playing time prior to the playoffs to have the confidence to step up their game. We were lucky last year when Teague filled in and was the 2nd best player.

2. We never groom our young guys. Teague only played last year by default. We if anything, talk in puplic about how our young guys are not ready or need to work harder. Perhaps Drew should praise them in public, but that will never happen. Give our young guys a long leash, not the short one they have. Lets see if Ivan Johnson plays a major role.

3. We have horrible coaching. I’m still waiting for the revolutionary offense Drew designed when he took the job. We did just light it up against the Pistons tonight. I’m also pretty sure he does not know how to make adjustments. Whenever we lose, we will simply be outcoached.

4. Ultimately, our owners stink. It all trickles down. Crappy owners make for crappy management make for crappy coaches, etc

Nonetheless, I’ll be excited in the playoffs and have that false sense of excitement at times when the Hawks look awesome and then it will all come crashing down as it always does.

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