We checked out of the roadhouse inn and had our free breakfast. We also took this opportunity to go swim in the hotel pool since we were not able to on other days. It was freezing water. After we left we then went to the

1. Smokey Mountain Knife Store & Museum. The address is: 2320 Windfield Dunn Parkwy; Sevierville TN 37867; Phone (865) 453-5871
This is on the main road out of town so we did not have to venture off the main road. Due to construction it was difficult to turn in and out. This place was fun for the kids. It had a good collection of knifes and swords. Some were new, some were used and old. It also had some guns/rifles. It had signatures of sylvester stallone from Rambo, lots of animals set up in wilderness scenes, and even a star wars section. The kids all had fun and each one bought a trinket. We then left and picked up some Burger King on the Way since we were on a timeline.

2. Next stop was the Circle G Ranch Safari at 831 Thorning Rove Pike in Strawberry Plains TN. Phone (865) 932-0070. I had scheduled a camel ride for each of us where you ride on camels for a couple hours through the Safari Park. They claim it is the only camel ride in the world (that they know of) that lets you ride through an Animal Safari. It costs $60 per person and was well worth it. Our tour guide walked along side, I sat with Jamal on one camel, Tanya with Tara, and Hibah rode alone. We started about 30 minutes after the scheduled time so we just pet the animals near the front until they were ready. The ride was amazing. We walked through the park with the guide giving us info on on the animals and the land. We took pictures along the way. It was a very unique experience. The camels were easy to control and essentially followed one another so we really did not have to control much. At the end, they encouraged us to also drive through the park which we did. The kids enjoyed that as well since the animals are used to going to the cars to be fed and so we fed them with the food we purchased. After we were done, the kids wanted to pet and play with more of the pigs and bunnies so we did. They had a great time. After about 3 hours, we were done and tired since it was hooooot.

We stopped at McDonalds and off we drove, out of Tennessee. The TN trip was coming to an end.

As for my general Sevierville area things to do list, there were a couple things left that I had on the lift that we did not have time for:

1. Blowing Cave Mill
 Blowing Cave Road
 Sevierville TN
2. Forbidden Caverns
 455 Blowing Cave Road
 Sevierville TN
 Phone: (865) 453-5972
3. Cirque de Chine
 179 Collier Drive
 Sevierville TN
 (800) 826-2933

It was unclear whether this was running or not. Apparently some of the acrobats died or were severely injured during their trick where they ride motorcycles in a large ball. It was closed for a while in 2013 and part/all of 2014 and I could not figure out if this was open

4. Rainforest Adventures
 109 Nascar Drive
 Sevierville TN
 Phone: 865-428-4091