I found this place online and there was a similar location with cotton picker shacks nearby however the other place required all guests to be 18 and over, which none of my kids are. This place looked different and unique and that is what I like. I was recovering from whatever bug I had and didn’t really pay attention as we approached Greenwood. I did dawn on me though that the website did not say anything about running water. Panic over struck me as I had no plans to use an outhouse or step outside at night not knowing what the local snake population entailed. Getting there was easy, we contacted one of the managers who was working at another job and she told us where the key would be. Once we got to the property, it took us a minute to figure out which one was ours but once we did, we pulled up right next to it and brought our bags in.

The rooms were awesome and our kids loved it. Very spacious with two huge beds. We were in the Palo Alto. I told my kids they would have to pick cotton in the morning as punishment for something (I made up the something). They had a good time exploring the rooms and lo and behold it DID have running water. It had all the modern conveniences of a hotel but with a tiny TV but that was OK because we didn’t need a TV.
I wasn’t feeling well so I slept right away while the kids and wife played.
In the morning, I felt much better, the kids got ready and we went to the cotton field and the kids had a field day. They loved picking cotton and spent over an hour there. We cleaned up our flat, took some pictures and headed out.
It was a great and unique stay. I would highly recommend this place and it was affordable.