The Bad Larry Drew comes out again

Here are my bullet points from Game 5: 1. I loved our energy. This was the first time I saw us play a playoff game the way we should every day 2. We battled early and recovered despite their hot shooting. It was good to see us battle back and even briefly take the...

Open Letter to Josh Smith

Dear Josh Smith, Nobody hates you, please get that out of your head. I will lay out exactly what people think of you and why: 1.  You are a local product, you are one of us. We love you. 2. TO (Terrell Owens) is a loser. Please do not do yourself the disservice...
Will the True Josh Smith Please Stand Up

Will the True Josh Smith Please Stand Up

The Josh Smith we love showed up for the most part. Problem is he still does not get it. I was disappointed in his post game interview. He said the fans do not understand and that he does not care because his teammates believe in him.  Does he not understand that he...

D-Wade vs Bruce Bowen

     Don’t worry, I’m not about to say that Bowen and Wade are comparable in terms of their basketball talent. I realize Wade is game changer in the NBA while Bowen is a role player who used to be a good defender. So what do the...

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