We decided we were too tired from Kalahari to go to Cedar Point the next day so we decided to delay that decision for at least one day. So I took a hotwire.com gamble. I found a 2 star hotel with the following amenities: Amenities: Free parking, Free breakfast, Free Internet, Pet friendly, Business center, Self-service laundry, Internet access. Plus the reviews on hotwire were stellar although there was only a couple. So I took a chance and bought it.

Turns out it was the Super 8 – Port Clinton, OH. I checked the TripAdvisor reviews after the booking and they were not as stellar. We easily got to the hotel and from the outside it was ok. I checked in the front. The lobby was clean and the guy at the front was friendly. He quickly got us a key. There was an outside stairwell that was closer to our room so we took that. The stairwell was completely covered in spider webs and big spiders. Needless to say the kids were terrified. We made it up and unfortunately the keyswipe on this stairwell did not work so I had to go down and through the lobby and open the door from the 2nd floor hallway. No pool at this hotel but we only planned to stay for the night.

As for the rooms, they were good enough. Nothing stellar but as expected. The kids fell asleep fast. Cable tv was fine. The room was clean. The curtains blocked the bright lights and there were not any loud sounds. We all fell asleep fast. In the morning, we headed to the lounge for breakfast. The breakfast was good. The kids enjoyed breakfast, we got some coffee, checked out and headed out. Overall, for the price of around $45 with tax, it was good value and good enough for one night. The outside stairwell was the only disappointment.

Off we went to see what Sanduskey has to offer.