The entrance to the aquarium looks similar to the one in Michigan at the outlet mall they built in 2016 however this one appears to be floors (and was).

The kids were at the amusement park (Nickledeon Universe) the whole morning since 10am while I was at my conference. After an easy train ride that stopped directly in the mall, I met the kids in the park around 2pm.

After eating in the mall later, we decide the Aquarium would be a nice way to relax and let the food digest before going back on the roller coasters. It took about 15 minutes to get through the line. I bought the tickets while in line but still had to stay in line to enter.

Sea Life Aquarium Mall of America

You start off near what normally is the area where you pet the sting rays but since a couple of them were pregnant, no one was allowed to pet them. It was nice and cool inside and there was lots of hand sanitizer. They had a few small sections and they give out passports to the kids to get stamped in each section which the kids enjoy with the lure of a prize at the end. They also had one of those fun clear tunnels where sharks and other fish swim around you that everybody loved.

Bathrooms were easy to get to and overall it probably took us about an hour. The prize for the passport was a medal. The kids enjoyed it and then were ready to get back on the roller coasters.

Pros: good break from the amusement park, not too big
Cons: expensive compared to the selection in the aquarium
Overall: Since we were there, we went but overall it was a pretty run of the mill aquarium and if you skipped it or only had limited time for the amusement park, you would not miss much. Look for coupons.