When I park in the parking garage at work I come across a daily occurrence that irritates me; people backing into their parking spot.

First off, I am bothered by the inconsiderate nature of the chore because they are wasting my time as I have to wait for them to pull past the spot and then slowly reverse, often repeating it a couple times, into the spot. Obviously they think their time and convenience is more important than mine.

Into Parking

Parking Spot / Garage

Secondly, what purpose does this serve? It is not very hard to reverse out of a parking spot when you leave. It is much easier reversing out than it is to reverse into a parking spot with cars on both side.

Third. From a time point of view reversing into a spot takes much more time than simply driving in and reversing out.

Fourth, what is the purpose. I think people do it simply because they are dumb. I know they will argue that it makes it easier to get out of the spot because they can see what is coming but do they not account for the time and effort getting into the spot.

Advice: Be respectful, drive into the parking spot. If nobody is behind you waiting, go ahead and do it, but I obviously do not see the point.

I am all for driving through a parking spot into the next one so you are facing the exit. Of course this only works if 2 parking spots are open head to head with no barrier in between.