wonderworks pigeon ford is simply wow. This was a low expectation stop in the late afternoon. We had seen the cheezy upside down building as we drove by it multiple times to get to other places and figured we would give it a try. We figured if it stunk, we could go to the Wonders of Magic show. For the five of us (2 adults, 3 children), the total cost of entry was $93.11. In hindsight, this was a great deal. Parking was easy, as it has its own lot.


wonderworks pigeon ford

Once inside, it was a collection of hands on activities that normally one would have to pay $5 to $10 per activity per person but in this case you admission included everything. The “space” simulation rope course was awesome however realize that you need to be wearing tennis shoes for this and they will not allow you to enter it if you have open toed shoes of any kind (flip flops, sandals, etc).

They have an amazing simulated war where only adults can play. You sit or stand on the back of a jeep/tank and are in a room with a realistic drive through enemy territory and shoot the bad guys. I have never been in a war, the closest thing was paintball, but this was scary and exciting. There were tons of activities for people of all ages. We skipped the magic show because we wanted to play more. We ended up leaving because the kids were way past their bedtime even though they still wanted to stay.

This is a must must must do. We loved it.

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