Tanya has been walking all over the place the last couple weeks. Of course it started with a step and a fall, then she learned how to fall safely, then increased the number of steps and as of yesterday I have counted up to 14 steps in one go. It looks very unstable but it is fun to watch especially when she tries to pick something off the floor while crouching. She is crawling up stairs and onto anything she finds. She is laughing a lot and this morning I woke up to her stroking my goatee and yelling “eh” repeatedly until I woke up.

     Jamal is stringing more words together so he is starting to put together more two-word sentences.

     Hibah is growing up so fast I get scared. She loves to draw and play and is full of emotion. The great thing is, she is becoming more open with others at her school and elsewhere and going up to other kids to ask if they want to play unlike before when she would be more passive and just hope that the other kids would ask her.