Pretty uneventful day except for 3 things:

1. Took a shower, which I do daily, in case there are any doubts. In my half awake state, I brought a clean shirt and socks instead of underwear into the bathroom. After the shower, I went to grab the shirt of our washing maching.three things

I hesitate to call this maching a washing machine and am not sure why they create these machines apart from its portability. It needs a water source and a place to drain but has two compartments, one which agitates and one that spins similar to the the spinner you see in gyms for your swim trunks. Seems like it would be easier to have a one compartment washing machine.

I hit the ball of socks straight into the toilet. Of course, our toilet is not the cleanest. I fished it out and rinsed it off. I haven’t decided if I am going to throw them away or clean them.

2. I make coffee every morning and put it in an insulated thermos that uses the lid as a cup. I didn’t use to drink coffee but I read that cups a day of coffee (decaf or regular) significantly reduces the risk of diabetes plus it helps me stay awake. Throughout class, I pour the coffee from the thermos into the the lid. In the middle of my second class, Neuroscience, I thought I had finished all the coffee so I put the lid back on the thermos. I did not realize the cup was full and so I dumped a full cup of coffee on my desk. Fortunately I keep a packet of tissues in my backpack and used about 10 of them for mop it up and I avoided spilling it on myself which would have been painful.

You would think I would have learned my lesson but I did the same exact thing again later that night at my desk. Fortunately, the coffee this time was cold because it spilled all over my hand.

3. I got a phone call on my cellphone in the afternoon and stepped outside on the parking lot in front of our place. We live in a strip mall on the end with a fruit wholesaler (our landlord) on the other side and a grocery store on our side porch. As a result, our front is a parking lot.

As you may also know from my previous entries, the island brothel is a 30-second walk to our place. The prostitutes frequently walk by our place to get groceries, meals, etc. So, while I was on the phone, 2 of them walked by. One tapped on the shoulder of the other and then pointed at me, said something to the other, and started laughing. I looked and made sure I was clothed, which I was, so I am not sure what they were laughing at.