First off, thank you Mack Brown! You are an awesome guy and I will always be thankful for a guy who brought a national championship to the University of Texas. A guy who continually brought in top 5 recruiting classes and a guy who always carried himself in a classy way. I also want to thank you for stepping down. All good things have to come to an end and you left at a perfect time, providing new blood to take the University of Texas to greater lands.


You made the program a powerhouse, you are invaluable. Hopefully you are not retiring. Here is my wish list:

1. I hope Mack Brown stays on as an adviser, assistant coach, or gets some type of created position where he is in charge of the football program. He can still bring in recruits and we will always need that.

2. I hope we replace him with a great coach, not a potential up and comer. I have not heard that Alabama has a signature from Nick Saban and so I think the University of Texas should still go after him. Even if he signs, I am sure there is a clause to break it. Hardbaugh is my 1a choice. His teams are tough wherever he goes. To have success where you actually have to meet an academic standard to get into the school, makes the challenge harder, and he succeeded. My 3rd choice is the brother Hardbaugh ie the two time superbowl champion. He has accomplished NFL greatness, perhaps he wants a new challenge, it would be a coup. Everyone has a price, make it happen.

3. Bring back Will Muschamp. His time at the University of Florida is nearing an end and he has shown he is not head coaching material. The University of Texas can bring him back as the highest paid assistant coach and bring him back to coach the defense as he did before.

4. Bring in Mike Leach as the offensive coordinator. He has proven he runs an amazing offense. As an assistant coach he wont be able to intimidate the entire team and lock them in a room

I look forward to the next season.