Tanya Fatteh was born on December 22, 2008 at Ingham Regional Medical Center. She is healthy and lively. She was born about one month early similar to her big sister Hibah, at measured in at 18.75″ and 5 3/4 lbs. Tanya took birth

Both mother and Tanya are doing well and will spend the next couple days in the hospital for normal delivery recovery.

Big brother Jamal is excited but has no idea what is going on (he is 1.5 years old) and Hibah is simply excited.

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* Ali Lohan born Dec 22, 1993
* Jordin Sparks born Dec 22, 1989
* Steve Garvey: former professional baseball player born in 1948
* Diane Sawyer born in 1945
* Barbara Billingsley know for being Mrs Cleaver in Leave it to Beaver born in 1922
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