Cold weather is obliterating much of the country although it is 100% better than last year. The best part is that despite the cold, it has been very sunny almost every day while normally we go months without seeing the sun. The way people drive and get around still amazes me so Ill give you a list of my oddest encounters in bad weather:

Snow Weather Travel

1. Two weeks ago I was driving at around 7am and I do not always clear my entire windshield so I have limited visibitily. I was coming up to a major intersection which is close to a campus bus stop. A girl in all black clothing decided she would walk across the street about 50 feet before the intersection with traffic coming both ways. She presumably was either lazy and or worried she was not going to catch the bus. If I would have been taking a left, I would have clipped her as I moved into the left turn lane. Fortunatley, I was going straight and only missed her by inches.

2. With snow having fallen, I realize the sidewalks may not be the safest place. I also realize that with the snow plows, the bike lane is usually gone. However because the bike lane is gone, it does not mean it is a good idea to ride your bike in the middle of the street. Almost everyday I see a bike rider in the street. The roads have ices patches already now cars have to maneuver around the bikers. I am sure some of them are dead.

3. Similarly, somehow a group of 3 ladies in my neighborhood feel it is ok to walk in the dark with dark clothes and walk near the middle of the street. Im positive i am not alone when I drive in the middle of the street in a neighborhood. They always seem to stare at me like I am doing something wrong.

4. I drove to my satellite office 1 hour away a couple weeks ago. The weather was horrible, most schools were closed. On my drive, it would go from 2 clear lanes to 1/2 a lane clear in an instant. Needless to say I got passed by numerous vehicles driving 70 to 80 mph. Also needless to say, I saw multiple cars in ditches.

5. Tailing somebody when icy. I understand you are in a rush but get off my tail. If I brake you will hit me.

Slow down and be safe.#