When Mark Fox was hired, we were told it was a smart hire. Prior to his hire we were told we would get somebody who essentially had won before at a high level. When this was not done, we were assured Mark Fox would be capable of winning at a high level. We were told to wait until he recruited and brought in his guys. Then the predecessor’s guys left and we were told to wait until his recruits blossomed. Now where are we.

We have another Mark Richt. A guy who is lovable. A guy I would gladly have babysit my kids. And unfortunately, a guy who will never win the the big game. We have a guy who will always make excuses on why we lost out on the recruit who was a life long Georgia fan who decided to to go Kentucky. We have a guy who will always provide an excuse as to why we lost by 1. We will never get over the hump. So I blame, what is the solution. I always wanted Calipari but that will not happen. Sure I want Izzo as an alternative. Maybe we can get the retired Phil Jackson. Alas I do not have a great answer.

We need some firey, someone who will yell at the players when appropriate but always support them in public. Someone who can sweet talk a mother or grandmother. Perhaps Pitino would like to come back to the SEC to battle with Kentucky. Until we find a suitable replacement, we should keep Mark Fox, but we should we looking for an alternative.