July 13, 2008.

With the heavy curtains closed all the time, I have no concept of day or night. In addition, I can pretend I am not in Pakistan. I wake up around 8am. I’m hoping nobody calls me today to go out so I can just relax and recuperate.

hotel room in islamabad     I watched some episodes of the Office and surfed the internet. I decided to try some breakfast so I order toast and an omelet. Fortunately I can now bare the smell of food. I patiently wait to see if it comes out. It stays down. I smell horrible but I am still exhausted. It is amazing how much vomiting and diarrhea expend your energy. Around noon, I fall asleep and wake up 8 hours later. Now, that is a nap. I drink some more of the nasty electrolyte powder in water and watch some episodes of the Office. I eat another set of toast and an omelet and tip the guy 1000 rupees. It is only a $14 tip but I think it is huge for Pakistan but I am not sure but I want to keep them happy since they are my only contact with the outside world. After he realizes how much he got he comes back in and tells me that if I need anything from anywhere such as medicine, I can just let him know 24 hours a day. I have not vomited or pooped today so all is okay. watching officeNo calls come except for Bhutta Uncle checking in. I do a whole lot of nothing except watch all of season 3 and 4 of the Office. I finally had my shower around 1am after getting some soap from the front desk. The only time I left my room today was to get soap. I have not gone outside since Friday when I got back from the embassy.

A couple days ago when I was looking for an outlet in the hotel room in a convenient location by the bed I saw the lamp plugged into an outlet right by the night stand in a perfect location. I put my hand on the lamp wire and I got a jolt that scared my hair straight. I have not felt that kind of jolt since I was too lazy to cut the power when installing a ceiling fan in the living room in our duplex in Austin. This was 220 volts. I’m not sure what voltage for what duration will kill a person but that sure did scare me. The wire was not exposed so I have become afraid to touch any electrical appliance. Plus, a couple nights in a row I kept waking up thinking there was a current running through the bed. Fortunately, the pain and exhaustion of the sickness has distracted me from my thoughts of electrocution so another silver lining.