transfer of the moneyFrom: Bob Servant
To: Jack Thompson
Subject: Greetings
Good morning your Majesty,
I want 30%, and not a penny less,
Your Servant,
Bob Servant

From: Jack Thompson
To: Bob Servant
Subject: I will speak to the bank
Hello Bob,
See these percentages was arranged by the bank and not me. If
you insist on getting 30% of the money i have to call the bank.

Pls send your
I will be expecting those details.thanks.

From: Bob Servant
To: Jack Thompson
Subject: Good luck with the bank
Your Majesty,
Let me know what the bank says. Tomorrow’s a bank holiday here, I
don’t know if you have the same ones? My full name is BOB



From: Jack Thompson
To: Bob Servant
Subject: Hello
Hello Bob,
I went to my bank. If you are now requesting 30% we have to go
back to the high court to change things. I and my family members
has added some amount upon your money provided you are going to
be serious and trustwordy. We have agreed to give you 25%. Pls i
think that is all we can do.
We need your telephone number, country, state, city and account number before we can go further.

Jack Thompson

From: Bob Servant
To: Jack Thompson
Subject: Let’s try the court
Good Morning Your Highness,

Please go to the High Court and request the 30%, I think it is a fair
figure Jacky-O.


From: Jack Thompson
To: Bob Servant

Dear Mr Bob,
In order not to waste more time I have agreed the 30% and have
notified the court and my family accordingly. Within these few days
now, I have developed that confidence in you and believe that you
will be of great assistance in perfecting this transaction.
We have to go ahead immediately. Please email me –
1.   Your address
2.   Private Telephone and Fax Numbers
3.   Banking details to enable transfer of the money to you.
I await your immediate response,

Jack Thompson

Note: Please provide valid email address, Pdf version of the Book will be sent to your email address.
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