The Hawks are a pain to watch. I keep wondering if the coach is drunk. I havent bothered to learn the names of the players. We keep losing but the Knicks keep losing more. We simply need to new owners.


The Braves have started where they left off, with batters slumping. We start with the same excuses of it being early. Well half way through the season we will be saying the same thing. We will make the playoffs and lose

The Spurs are winning but will lose to the Oklahoma City Thunder. It will be frustrating and it will happen. Tony Parker’s back will flair up. Pop will play Tim Duncan a little too long. Manu will sprain an ankle. This is why I will not be watching the playoffs

The Falcons. I am not sure who I want us to draft. So I shall wait

The NCAA basketball tournament. It was painful. I could not watch the finals but did watch the last 10 minutes because I am weak. I wanted UConn and they won. It easily could have been michigan or Michigan State.

Georgia football: I cannot wait to see Georgia’s new defense. I expect the same predictability from the offense. Why wont somebody hire Bobo as a coach and “steal” him away from us.