Upper Penninsula of Michigan Trip

We Toured Upper Penninsula of Michigan again and the following are the places visited: Date: June 20, 2011

1. Castle Rock

2. Indian Village (tourist trap)

3. Mystery Spot

4. Totem Village (did not go)

5. deer ranch

6. Saint Ignace and Mackinac Island Air Tour

7. A-Maze-N Mirrors

8. The Cornish Pumping Engine

9. Iron Mining Museum

10. Millie Mine Bat Cave

11. Rainbow’s End Alpacas

12. Bjorkman’s Horse Outings

13. Big Spring (Kitch-iti-kipi)

14. Siphon Bridge

15. Wilderness Trail Outfitters

16. Seul Choix Point Lighthouse on Lake Michigan The Haunted Lighthouse

17. Peninsula Point, MI

18. The Cornish Pumping Engine

19. Iron Mining Museum

20. Rainbow’s End Alpacas

21. Bjorkman’s Horse Outings