UGA, Falcons Mixed Bag December 2019

Mixed emotions these past couple weeks with our teams:

First off the falcons. I want to boycott them but I am extremely weak-willed. I argued with brother after we were 1-7 that we needed to fire Dan Quinn then in case something good happened to create false hope. I do not even think we did that great the second half of the season. The first Saints game was maybe the most complete game I have ever seen us play. We controlled both on defense and offense. I never have seen that with the falcons and likely will never see it again. The 49ers game was lucky. Our offense is still miserable with our revolutionary run-pass offense. This notion that our offense is slightly better than Sark’s offense is fooled good. In most of our games in the first half when our defense made every quarterback look like an all-star, we then had to play catch up against prevent defenses.
Note, that while we were making this run, we threw up a big dud against a horrible Bucs team. Also, it begs to repeat, our coach made no adjustments for 8 games when we’re not competitive. That is beyond moronic.
I am happy Morris will be the Defensive coordinator. The fact that our coach put a defensive guy as the receivers coach alone is worth a firing. If Dirk Koetter stays, which it sounds like he will, I will be even angrier if possible.UGA, Falcons Mixed Bag December 2019-1
I have been a big supporter of Arthur Blank but this move made me lose all faith in him. He has no interest in putting out a good product. This last game against the Bucs was disappointing despite the win.As for the Georgia Bulldogs, I realize we haven’t played but a lot of my angst is with Fields leading Ohio State who I hate. Do I blame Fields for leaving, not in the least bit? Am I angry at Georgia, yes? Combine those things and I was rooting for Fields to fail. I feel guilty about that. By all accounts, he seems like a great kid. I will never understand why a white bulldog baseball player would call Fields the N-word when the baseball player plays with other blacks and they both go to the same school. Mind-boggling. Did that last interception come from Georgia juju? I believe it did. That had UGA written all over it. Lead early, squander opportunities, lose the lead, and almost make a comeback.UGA, Falcons Mixed Bag December 2019-2

The targeting rule is beyond absurd with such a ridiculous penalty but as the rule is written and called, the OSU player clearly targeted. It is stupid that the rule doesn’t allow for consideration if the offensive player drops his head. The reversal of the fumble and touchdown was ridiculous and more so considering it was called a fumble on the field. As a Michigan fan and Georgia fan, I feel like it was Karma. I was also happy to hear Urban Meyer might be getting a front-office job with the redskins, a job he will no doubt fail at.

I’m still praying for some West Coast offensive guru for the OC job of the falcons and I am praying that U Texas follows through on getting Yurich from Ohio State. Here is a false hope, the only hope I have.