Excuses can slow self-image growth and lead to frustration. Excuses are often the result of an unmotivated performer with uncertain goals. If we try we can all come up with an excuse or two for no reaching our goals – we don’t feel well, we have a headache, too tired, bad day coach was in a bad mood, broken heart, no money, no time and the list go on.

When we look at what makes the top 5% successful one of the things that is at the top of the list is passion. Those who are truly passionate about their goals do not make time for excuses. People who are driven determined focused and positive are more likely to find that internal dedication to their goals. They are motivated to seek a solution instead of dwell on problems. If you want to be in your sport, business or performance you should be the best you in any situation. Seek the moments to find the motivation to overcome instead of focusing on the things you cannot control that feel like they are holding you down. My father, LannnyBassham says” overcoming is the currency of champions.” The reason that is true is that champions seek to find solutions to all of the struggles that come their way instead of allowing those struggles to become excuses.

When my son was younger he would have excuses anytime he was in trouble. I would ask him “who is in control of him?” At first, he said “you are” I told him “no, I guide you, give you direction, and explain consequences to actions but I do not make you do the things. Who is in control of your actions and the words you choose to use?” He said “I am” Exactly.

If you are in control of you then the only true reason for not doing what is needed is because you choose not to. There are no excuses to give when you realize you are the one in control of yourself. You are the one who determines whether or not you move toward your goals or away from them. I don’t believe in giving excuses but I do understand that at times there will be challenges we face that we cannot control and we may have to be flexible in our timeline or our goals may need to be adjusted. What we can control is our temptation to limit our own potential due to fear, doubt, and frustration.

Decide today to pay attention to how to talk to yourself and others about your goals. As you are driven, positive, and motivated, or are you tempted to find an excuse? Most of us struggle with this in one way or another but keep in mind when you give an excuse you could be slowing your Self-Image growth which will lead to making your goals even harder to reach.