UGA, Falcons Mixed Bag December 2019

I’m weak so there is a 90% chance I won’t follow through with this but…
We need to boycott the Falcons. Along with all the ridiculous moves of keeping inept coaches, we also decided to keep Dirk Koetter. He has many years of experience and has consistently shown to have very unimaginative boring ineffective offenses at every stop. What baffles me is how he keeps getting a job. In this case, with the talent to have a top 5 offense, it is downright assi nine that he kept his job.

Run Pass Run/pass depending on yardage. The only question is will they run left or right.

I want to not follow the falcons, not watch them, not check their scores. I would plead that you also do the same.

Arthur Blank likes money. I was hoping he was a Mark Cuban type. Rich, good to the players, and constantly striving to get the best. Instead, it turns out he is rich, good to the players and … good to the coaches and fine with losing.

The only possible good thing is Morris’s spot is open since he was put back on defense where he belongs. Hopefully, we can get some innovative hot shot college play caller to take his spot. But alas, Dan Quinn will probably take that role and emphasize the importance of run-pass run/pass.

It would be amazing if, at one home game, nobody showed up. Make Blank feel it in his pocketbook.